lowes vs home depot window installation

They said about 1/2 hour per window, a few minutes longer if they were replacing the trim. Wht about us good companys who are honest hard workong professionals been doing this a very long time installing replacment windows and doors. I expected nothing less!!! On a fixed price contract, how much a contractor makes per hour is absolutely none of the customer's business. How well can you do in terms of selecting a window style? When I refused to accept them early they didn't deliver them until the installers had been waiting two hours. Seems excessive to me if not a out and out rip off. As a chain, these stores can negotiate discounts with the manufacturers that supply what the retailers sell. Are you wondering if casement windows would work well with your home’s style? Thing is you yourselfs prob went out and said its a simple replacement. So if you want a Wineberry exterior with a walnut interior...game on. They farm it out to a local contractor but they serve as the middleman which just complicates everything. Remember that you’re about to make a major investment in your home that will impact the market value as well as your comfort and the amount of energy it will take to heat and cool the interior. It's now May and we still don't have the window installation complete. Stay with the guys who are directly responsible and you get better service and higher quality installation - they have a reputation to protect directly. Others will choose to call a local window replacement company and work through a contractor. Talk to a local contractor, they are listed here on Houzz in the "find local pros" area. Or choose to have a free in-home consultation for an even more extensive selection of exterior doors and a customized shopping experience. Another feature that big box stores offer is flat-rate pricing for deals that involve purchasing goods and using the chain’s installation service. The windows failed inspection. The cost of labor is also something to consider. How much I make per hour is no one else's business. Sliding windows are also likely to be displayed for all to see. At Home Depot, we come into your home, measure, and give you a presentation of the window, and give you an exact price. Its absolutely the customer's business as it is their money! Do what feels right in selecting the one for the job. The locks didn't work, windows wouldn't open, and they came in scratched. They forgot to schedule the installer for six weeks until I called the manager. I just dropped a potential customer who tried this reverse-engineering my costs and business model trick. Then tried to make me store all of the windows and doors ( I refused delivery 5 times!) By contrast, the team sent from the big box store is made up of people who tend to cover a wider range of projects. I went to the Home Show to speak to these folks and asked for a ball park estimate. Get full support in-store, by phone, or in-person at home with skilled professionals. A portion of the money saved thanks to volume purchasing remains with the chain while a portion is used to offer competitive pricing to the chain’s customers. I’m starting phase two of home improvement projects on the house I bought last summer. Doing so will provide a more accurate idea of what others have experienced with each of these options. These are all options that a local window replacement company is likely to offer. Supervision and general conditions adds 10%, Add profit and overhead to the project...20% is a fair average. jn3344, Yes, you gave yours based on being a consumer, and I gave mine as a one-time consumer and potential installer (until I found out how it how it works behind the scenes). We've got a pretty competitive estimate from Lowe's, but read some bad reviews on-line as well. Yes, you will pay more, but maybe less than 10%...and you have the peace of mind knowing that if anything fails in the first year, the contractor is responsible. Pros/cons of treated Auralast Pine vs Douglas Fir wood door and window.

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