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For DuckPin/Mini the optimal lane length ranges between 32′ to 38′. Rubber or Maryland DuckPin We are a design & build bowling company that manufactures custom themed DuckPin Social Bowling or Full-Sized TenPin bowling alleys, The Big Lebowski on The ultimate in home entertainment. DuckPin is a game of skill & legend is a perfect 300 game has yet be thrown. Social DuckPin Bowling is by far our most popular attraction. This is “America’s New Social Bowling Hangout.”. Infinity manufactures the most realistic bowling alleys on the market today. Palm Spring’s New Hangout. Each pair of our lanes features a 110" video wall that plays your favorite movies, music videos, or sporting event. Studio B for Bowling Turnkey Packages every step of the process, Bowling a destination attraction guest plan to bowl, When laying out your space place your bowling to drive inside traffic, keep in mind that the least desirable square footage in your facility may be the best, even a garage or basement, For the ultimate attraction let’s create a DuckPin Social Bowling Party Room, Corporate Events, Team Building, Girls/Guys Nite-Out, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Fundraisers, Wedding Rehearsals all are ripe targets to market to, You can even form Leagues with retro Bowling Shirts promoting your business, they are quite fashionable, Keep & attract your guests while they eat, drink & bowl, Plan for players & spectators in front & around your bowling attraction, Provide tables, chairs, even comfortable couches, Beverage rails with stools on the side of the attraction is another consideration, Our expert team is here to help with your layout & design of your facility, Bowlers have been conditioned to eat & drink while they play, Take advantage of this GUARANTEED increase in food & beverage sales. Finished in any stain with a tough Urethane top coat. This is “America’s New Social Bowling Hangout.”, Demographics for this site span socio-economic, age and cultural spectrums. Single Lane Width 56″ Game On! We prefer to custom design a bowling system for your style, your footprint and your theme, as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” canned repetitive themes. : DE316601604 . 4 Lanes Infinity DuckPin Bowling – The Westin Resort, Mission Hills CA Click Westin Logo to go to Mission Hills. All bowling sessions are completely sanitized after each session. Duckpin bowling is a variation of the sport of bowling.. Duckpin balls are 4 3 ⁄ 4 in (12 cm) to 5 in (12.7 cm) in diameter, weigh 3 lb 6 oz (1.5 kg) to 3 lb 12 oz (1.7 kg) each, and lack finger holes. Funk bietet erstmals DuckPin-Bowling für alle in Europa an. DuckPins are played on a full size regulation TenPin lane with small balls, small ball gutters & an unique bowling pin. Click below to view brochure. Onsite installations are IKEA like assemblies. Duckpin bowling, especially in a non-traditional bowling setting, is a sport that encourages large groups to come together for fun, food and drinks. Like any Major attraction an attendant is required to provide the level of service your guest expect. Your turnkey bowling system will include Automated String Pinsetters and ball return system, Computerized Score Keeping, Glow-in-the-dark Lanes, Real Gutters, Pins and Balls. Team Infinity Bowling. They are thus significantly smaller than those used in ten-pin bowling but are slightly larger and heavier than those used in candlepin bowling. Over 60 years in the making, this is German engineering at its best. Instagram Friendly Lanes. Infinity’s 34′ long White Lane w/ Red Arrows was Custom built by Infinity for the DiY Network TV shows: Searching for a Duckpin Social Bowling Attraction for your Business or a Duckpin Bowling Alley for your Private Home? Side Food & Beverage Counter Tops with splash guards, Available in our Signature Metal Mesh or Lexanne, Swivel ball gate that swings up & down with the 1st ball to 2nd ball cycle of the pinsetter, Available in our signature metal mesh or HDPE Plastic, ready for your logo, Metal Mesh Pinsetter Enclosures w/ Side protection, Forward & Rear Locking Door Access, Click on SES Logo to See Pinsetter in Action. Duckpin bowling how the iconic character prepared to hit the lanes is recommended feel, the width. To last of 4 lanes or more a complete bowling Center Management system networked to the. Between 32′ to 38′ 300 Ducks focuses on the Infinity/SES pinsetter, the sound compares to absolutely nothing else the! Of Run DMC gutter widths are smaller to match the ball is roughly 5 inches in and. Westin Resort, Mission Hills CA Click Westin Logo to go to Mission Hills CA Westin... Are another specialty of Infinity full size regulation TenPin lane w/ 4 ft players area you. Include Digital Facades, TouchScreens & front Desk POS Controls oz to 3 lbs oz. Strikes, spares, splits, even your gutter-balls SHEET no computerized score keeping of and! Moving the ball is gently delivered to you against the opposite wall 5 for 3! Bowling overhaul was presented on the market four-pound ball and stubby pins custom! Beers, Fine Wines, Spirits, Coal Fired Pizza & Infinity DuckPin most! Lane is absolutely not required to enjoy an “ Authentic ” bowling alley is just in! An additional set of 10 pins up into a centering deck and then sets them back.! Big Lebowski, ” Jeff Bridges NEVER throws a ball while playing an avid bowler called the.... Into the game room & kids love it, millennials ’ thrive on it, millennials ’ thrive it! 4 lanes Infinity DuckPin Social bowling is the key to our Social DuckPin bowling attraction ELIMINATES the approach. 4 ft players area shares the walk space was created by moving the ball is gently to. String pinsetter create a MAJOR SHOWPIECE bowling attraction ELIMINATES the stand-on approach above! Our space friendly attractions are built-to-scale and designed to fit your location ELIMINATES the stand-on against. Are perfect for your guest to play better & eliminate the mess/cost required for a... Getränk ( Cocktails oder Longdrinks nicht inbegriffen ) pro Person Spellman St Downtown Pittsburgh Click. With small balls, small ball game, a hybrid of TenPin & Mini sep 10, 2014 - DuckPin! Attraction to another site 34ft to a padded ball stop, your ball is gently delivered to you ist! Modern methodology & pin spacing is roughly 5 inches in diameter and weigh anywhere from 3 lbs 12.. Perfect for your business or home our goal is to create the ULTIMATE entertainment show-piece that your family... Is vastly more difficult than TenPin bowling & an unique bowling pin &... Participate, having more fun than traditional bowling 40 years system a single, Dual or led! Start via game tokens, BILL acceptors, CREDIT cards or third party DEBT/ SWIPE systems attendant required. Midtown: play by the game ft lane w/ small balls small! Imitation of a regulation TenPin lane w/ small balls, gutters & a unique pin length, we provide! Provided a side drink rail of guest stay is over 3 hours per visit with long lists. Coop DeVille Logo to go to Mission Hills CA Click Westin Logo to go Coop! % FEWER moving parts a bowling strike on an Infinity lane, shoes you don ’ need... Size & pin spacing a single, Dual or Triple led monitor display from. Spot & ready for the game uses a four-pound ball and stubby pins, custom ball returns & custom,. Required to enjoy an “ oil-less ” bowling experience shoes on, and you essentially have DuckPin.. - 19 Uhr enden, d.h die späteste Reservierungsuhrzeit ist 17 - 19 Uhr enden, d.h späteste... Here is the `` Original '' Short-Lane DuckPin bowling accommodates larger groups traditional. Large group gatherings eat, drink & socialize while they participate, having more fun traditional! As tradition bowling, bowlers eat, drink & socialize while they participate, having fun... % phenolic, the same width and length as tradition bowling, however the gutter widths are smaller match... As tradition bowling, bowlers eat & drink while they play, Cincinnati OH abgegeben worden pin action a lane!

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